About Us

The Trent Fashion Society is a group of Peterborough community members and Trent University students from a variety of different backgrounds and disciplines.


The Society operates year-round, hosting runway shows, photo shoots, and makeup/hair/self-love workshops, among other student and community events.


These events are created to boost self-esteem, encourage personal critique of the fashion and beauty industry, and most importantly, raising funds for important community groups and organizations.

Through its events and photo shoots, the Trent Fashion Society works with a number of local and corporate businesses present in Peterborough to work towards these goals. In return, we boost these firms to the Trent University and greater Peterborough community.


The Trent University student population is well known for its passion for supporting businesses that are conscious of the planet, human rights, and animal rights.

Be bold.
           Be daring.
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