DEADLINE February 8th, 5pm


Through everything that we do, we have a focus on self-love. The fashion and beauty industry can be a place of power and creativity, but as we all know too well, its powers of influence are often used in media to body shame all genders.

That is why we have a commitment to self-love; to learn it, foster it, and spread it!

Each February hosts our annual Self-Love Workshop with an open invitation to the public.​Through our runway shows and photo shoot, we strive to be as diverse and inclusive as possible.


We strive for self-respect in all aspect,

including the physical body and mental health. 

"One day - after years of shaming my body -

it finally hit me: this is the only body I have,

so I might as well love it as much as I can."

- Reba Harrison, Director

Be bold.
           Be daring.
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