The Executive Team is the push behind all of our significant events. Despite busy work schedules, academic commitments, and their personal lives, our Executive Team members meet weekly to ensure that the goals of the Trent Fashion Society are seen through in TFS events. The dedication and passion of each contribute to our three pillars of responsibility:

1. The Trent Fashion Society is first and foremost a platform for self-love and diversity in beauty and fashion. Through photo shoots, runway shows, and workshops, it is our goal to celebrate our bodies and our shared love for the art of fashion. It is furthermore our responsibility to see the fashion and beauty industry in a critical light and never stop fighting for positive change. There is no tolerance for racism, body shaming, or discrimination of any kind.

2. The Trent Fashion Society is a charity based group. As University students and business owners, we recognize our educational privileges and through this, we work towards raising money for less fortunate members of our community. We recognize the invaluable work that the YES Shelter for Youth and Families provides in Peterborough and seek to promote awareness of homelessness alongside raising funding for the shelter.

3. The Trent Fashion Society is passionate about small, local businesses. Through our events and photo shoots, we seek to work with local talents to celebrate and advertise what our community has to offer. This is a fantastic opportunity for our community to join to support the local homeless shelter.



Our Executive Team Currently is Looking for:

Director of Modelling

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